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AVR-ISP500-TINY USB Atmel AVR programmer

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AVR-ISP500-TINY is fast and reliable USB AVR programmer. It have two modes of work: STK500 compatible USB programmer and USB Mass storage. In STK500 mode it working directly with AVR Studio. It is recognized as STK500 programmer and programs all AVRs. As it used USB CDC no need for drivers and works under Windows, Linux and MacOS. If you do not want to use AVRStudio you can use AVR-ISP500 with AVR Dude. In Mass Storage mode it created new drive on your computer and when you drag and drop the HEX file to this drive it program it in the target AVR attached to the ICSP connector. This is totally platform independant and works on any computer without need for any software.

AVR-ISP500-TINY have internal flash of 2MB and can log AVRStudio communication and then reply it with single button push. This means once you load the code in the internal flash you can program quickly many targets with single button press


  • connects to PC via USB 2.0 Full speed
  • STK500 compatible mode
  • Mass Storage mode
  • Internal flash of 2 MB for stand alone programming with single button press
  • no need for external power supply as it takes the power supply from USB
  • uses Atmel's 2x5 pin ICSP and 2x3 connector layout
  • dimensions 45x30 mm (1.7x1.2") + 20 cm (8") cable