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1134 - Switchable Voltage Divider

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The 1134 - Switchable Voltage Divider is a voltage divider with switches. The switches can be used to control which resistors are used in the voltage divider. The resistance values (in Ohms) are 249, 820, 2.61K, 8.45K, 27.4K, 91K, 300K and 1M. It is possible to have multiple switches flipped, putting the corresponding resistors in parallel.

The 1134 Provides an interface to non-Phidgets variable resistance sensors such as: Force Sensing Resistors (FSR), light sensors, thermistors (heat sensors), and bend sensors.


Comes packaged with:

  • A 3002 – 60cm Sensor Cable


Product Features

  • Provides an interface to non-Phidgets Variable Resistance Sensors
  • Possible to use multiple resistors to select an equivalent resistance for the "fixed resistor"
  • Interface to the variable resistor sensor is a convenient terminal block
  • The adapter is Ratiometric.
Product Specifications
Characteristic Value
Maximum Current Consumption 30 mA
Supply Voltage 3.0 to 5.25 VDC
Maximum Switchable Resistance 1M Ohms
Minimum Switchable Resistance 172 Ohms
Variable Resistor Range Up to 50 MegaOhms
Resolution between SensorValue 100-900 Less than ±1% of variable resistor per SensorValue

This sensor connects to an Analog Input on the:

  • 1018 - PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8
  • 1019 - PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8 w/6 Port Hub
  • 1070 – PhidgetSBC
  • 1202 – PhidgetTextLCD
  • 1203 – PhidgetTextLCD