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3550 - ASP200-2-1M-BNC pH Lab Electrode

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The 3550 is an economical combination electrode ideal for your general-purpose applications in the lab or field. It has the impact-resistant qualities of an epoxy body.


The electrode provides a fast, stable response and is ideal for prolonged pH readings. The sealed, gel-filled design requires virtually no maintenance as there is no need to refill the reference chamber.

The 3550 measures 120 mm (length) x 12 mm (diameter), can withstand temperatures up to 80°C and measures pH levels from 0 to 14.

It has a 1 meter cable terminated by a BNC connector.


Product Features

  • General Purpose Combination electrode
  • No need to refill the KCL solution
  • pH range: 0-14
  • Operating Temperature: 0-80°C


Product Specifications

Characteristic Value
Type Combination single-junction
Outer tube material Blue Impact resistant Plastic
Dimension 120 mm L x 12 mm diameter
pH range 0-14
Operating Temperature 0-80°C
Connection 1m cable with BNC connector



The pH electrode connects to the BNC connector on the 1130 - pH/ORP Adapter .