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7” 800x480 TFT DSI Capacitive Touchscreen (Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B)

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This is a 7" Raspberry Pi LCD touchscreen with 800*480 resolution and 154.8 x 85.92mm display area. The product supports the Raspberry Pi DSI display interface and comes with a capacitive touch panel on its screen and supports 5 touch points. The special holes design on the back of the screen is convenient to directly install the Raspberry Pi in the product. There is no need to provide external power for the touchscreen as the Raspberry Pi power supply is adopted. In addition, the screen supports hardware backlight adjustment. The function can be realized by turning the potentiometer on the back of the display.

 Note: The screen is not compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico and Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Computer.


  • Capacitive Touchscreen, Support 5 TouchPoints.
  • Raspberry DSI Direct Driver



  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V (Supplied by Raspberry Pi Display Interface)
  • Maximum Operating Current: 450mA
  • Resolution: 800*480
  • Video Interface: Raspberry Pi DSI
  • Number of Touch Points: 5
  • Viewing Angle: 60°/70°/70°/70°
  • RGB888-16 Mega True Color
  • Refresh Frequency: 60Hz
  • Luminous Efficiency: 280 cd/m2
  • Operating Temperature: -20℃~70℃
  • Dimension: 165mm×100mm / 6.50" × 3.94"
  • Mounting Hole Size: M2.5
  • Outer Mounting Hole Position: 155mm × 80mm/ 6.10" × 3.15"
  • Inner Mounting Hole Position: 58mm x 49mm/ 2.28" x 1.93"



  • 7" 800x480 TFT Raspberry Pi DSI Capacitive Touchscreen (V1.0) x1
  • M2.5*8+6 Hexagonal Copper Column Single-Head  x8                                    
  • M2.5*6  DK4.9 Machine Screws x8
  • FPC Reverse Direction Cable 150mm x1
  • FPC Reverse Direction Cable 50mm x1