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CM-700 Controller module

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CM-700 is a control module type controller with a CPU, TTL / RS485 communication circuit and ZIG-110 connector. You cannot control dynamixels or other peripheral devices alone with the CM-700. You will need a SUB board. CM-700 SUB Board is composed of a power department, connector department, switch, and an additional circuit for 5 pin peripheral devices.



Connections description:

  • PC Link (Serial Cable) & Communication Device Connection Port : LN-101 is used to connect the CM-700 and PC.  It is used to download task code or communicate with PC.  Also, it can be used for wireless communication module such as ZIG-110  etc., or communication with other external board.
  • Battery Socket : Socket for connecting the battery.
  • Power LED : ON and OFF LED for the power.
  • Power Switch : Used to turn the robot ON / OFF.
  • MODE Button : Used to change the operation mode of CM-700.  
  • START Button : Used to START selected mode.
  • 3-Pin Cable Connector : Used to connect Dynamixels using 3 pin cable(TTL Communication) in a daisy chain method.
  • 4-Pin Cable Connector : Used to connect Dynamixels using 4 pin cable (RS-485 Communication)  in a daisy chain method.
  • Peripheral Devices Connection Port : Used to connect peripheral devices such as DMS, Touch Sensor, and IR Sensor etc.
  • Mode Display LED : LED to display current operation mode of CM-510. 

Further informations on on-line Manual