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ETH044 - 5Amp 4 Channel SSR module

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Mains Voltages can be Lethal.
If you are not confident with using these voltages, please use a qualified electrician to wire this up for you.

The ETH044 provides four solid state relay outputs at 230VAC with a current rating of up to 5Amps per channel and up to 10Amps total per module, 4 digital IO channels are also provided for flexible additional functionality. The ETH044 module is powered directly from a 230VAC mains supply at either 50hz or 60hz, the live, earth and neutral outputs for each channel are brought out to screw terminals, while the live is the only output that is switched the neutral and earth are provided for easy wiring. Each channel uses phase angle controlled switching for dimmable lighting.
A feature is also implemented (input mapping) that allows the digital inputs to remotely control relays or digital outputs on other  ETHxxx(x) series modules such as the ETH008 etc. This offers the opportunity to construct a system where an input can control an output anywhere on the earth provided both locations are connected to the network/internet.  

Operating Temperature
-30C to +70C

LED Indication
The ETH044 provides a red LED mounted immediately next to each SSR and the intensity will increase with power output, each digital IO has a red LED to reflect the channel status, there is also two LED's mounted in the Ethernet connector which will flash with Ethernet traffic. Finally there is a green power LED just above the processor.

SSR switching capabilites
datasheet for the SSR provides a full description of maximum switching capabilities. 

User Guide (PDF)