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Fan Controller Kit

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The 991.009 is a small module you can directly mount on a 40x40mm 5VDC Fan. Just provide a 5VDC 100-250mA power source and an analog output for temperature sensing, and it will blow fresh air on MosFet's, transistors, Power IC's, etc. It is designed to work with an LM35DZ temperature sensor IC, simple to use, cheap and very efficient.

This board has been designed to enhance the performances of our 990.009 Tank 3A Motor Controller, but it should be useful anywhere a 40x40mm smart Fan is needed.

The LED blinks for 1 second at startup and the fan is activated for the same time, then the LED blinks with a variable frequency of about 0.5Hz for temperature lower than 30°C, the blinking frequency raises up to 10Hz when temperature raises.

This module is a Kit, it includes all the hardware (fan included), assembly is needed.

Technical Specifications


  • Standby Power: 25mA
  • Fan Active Power:: 110-150mA
  • Temperature Treshold: ON = 50°C - OFF = 45°C
  • Temperature Sensor: LM35DZ (included)

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Assembly tutorial


LM35 Installation on a 990.009 Tank 3A H- Bridge