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Gyro Breakout Board - LPR5150AL Dual 1500°/s

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This is a breakout board for the ST's dual-axis LPR5150AL gyro.  The LPR5150AL measures angular velocity along thepitch and roll axes with a full scale of ±1500°/s. Two different analog outputs are provided for both the x- and y- axes - one 1x amplified and the other 4x amplified.

1500°/s max deflection is a lot! This means you've really got to spin the board quickly to see a change in output. This sensor range is good for potentially fast moving objects.

A regulated voltage between 2.7 and 3.6VDC should be supplied to the power pins. We have the filtering circuits all set up; you'll just need to connect the outputs to an ADC, and you're ready to go.

This breakout board includes the gyro and all necessary filtering capacitors as shown. The 1x and 4x amplified outputs of both axes are connected to the 0.1" pitch headers, along with the power-down, self-test, high-pass filter reset, and power pins.

Not sure which gyro is right for you? Our Accelerometer and Gyro Buying Guide might help!


  • 2.7 to 3.6VDC power supply
  • Dual axis, pitch and roll sensing
  • 1x and 4x amplified outputs for each axis
  • Low power consumption
  • All necessary filtering components included
  • Access to power-down, self-test, and high-pass filter reset pins

Dimensions: 0.6x0.7"