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H Bridge TANK-3A HP - without chip

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This is the version without the LM18200 chip, the user must install the chip prior to use the board.

H Bridge TANK-3A HP is designed for motor control applications and for generic automation purpose.

Main features

  • Can deliver up to 3A DC current
  • Power supply up to 24V
  • Low RDS(ON) (0.33Ω typical)
  • TTL and CMOS compatible inputs
  • Thermal Warning Flag @ 145°C
  • Automatic shut down @ 170°C
  • Short Circuit protection
  • "Shoot through" current protection


  • DC and Stepper motor drivers
  • PID Controllers
  • Position and speed-controlled servos
  • Robotics
  • CNC

Tank-3A HP is designed around the high-performance hybrid H-Bridge LMD18200produced by National in order to obtain high reliability and efficiency.

Two different control modes are available: Sign Magnitude (the user must feed PWM and direction signals) or Locked Anti Phase (PWM only). LAP mode here needs only one PWM signal instead of two anti-phased signals. LAP control mode can be achieved also by microcontrollers without a PWM module: the control signal may be generated by software without the need of dedicated hardware.

This H Bridge uses the circuit board to dissipate the heat produced by the driver: this eliminates the need of an heat sink if the continuous current value doesn't exceed the value of 2.2A (r.m.s.): under this conditions the temperature of the H Bridge can reach a maximum value of 85° with an ambient temperature of 20°.
If necessary, the H Bridge can deliver up to 3A for 120 seconds without an additional heat sink.

If the H Bridge needs to be used with current values >2.2A for a long time is necessary to install the optional dedicated fan cooler: in this case the maximum current of 3A can be delivered continuously.

The optional fan is automatically turned on when the temperature reaches 55° and is shutted off when the temperature goes below 50°. If the bridge is used with currents >2.5A for a long time, the fan will be always turned on and the temperature can reach 95°.

Warning! The board can reach high temperatures when the bridge is used with high current values!

Technical features

  • Continuous output current: 3A
  • Peak output current: 6A (200mSec)
  • Minimum motors voltage: 12V
  • Maximum motors voltage: 24V
  • Maximum PWM frequency: 150KHz (recommended)
  • RDS(ON) : 0.33Ω
  • Operating temperature at 3A r.m.s. (TA=20°) : 95°
  • Maximum operating temperature: 145°
  • Shutdown temperature: 170°

Following signals are available on the board:

  • Current consumption
  • Operating temperature
  • Overheating flag

Connector pinout

  1. GND (common)
  2. DIR (direction signal)
  3. PWM
  4. CS (current consumption signal)
  5. THF (temperature signal)
  6. TF (thermal flag)

The current signal is analog (0-5V or 0-3.3V) and is linear in function of current consumption (0-6A).

The temperature sensor is a LM35 and so the signal is linear in function of operating temperature in the amount of 10mV per 1°C (0V = 0°C). This signal is also used by the optional fan.

The thermal flag is an open drain output with integrated pull-up resistor. When temperature of the bridge is above 145° (maximum operating temperature) this output goes low. The internal thermal protection will automatically shut down the bridge at 170° if the user not do this when the temperature is >145°. In this case the power supply must be disconnected to reset this condition.

Further details on connections and usage examples can be found on the operating manual.