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MIDI Relay/Dimmer Output Module - 0 Relays - 8 Dimmers

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The MIDI-RLY8 provides 8 relay outputs that respond to midi note or control change messages, these can be either mechanical or solid state relays. This small module is powered by a single 9V AC or 12V DC supply. (Using dimmers requires a 9VAC supply). 

Each relay can respond to 2 separate notes and velocities.
Each relay can respond to a single MIDI control change message, turning on over a threshold value and off under it.
Each relay can be set to its own MIDI channel.
Easy to use configuration via a USB port. PC application supplied, no dip switches to worry about.
Uses a single isolated 9V AC or 12V DC supply for power.
Mechanical Relays up to 250VAC 8Amp.
Solid State Relays for phase controlled Dimming, Up to 250VAC 5Amp.

Power can be connected to the module either from an isolated 9v AC transformer to the two pin screw terminals, or from a 9v AC adapter. If you are not using the dimmer relays then you can use 12v DC instead, the module cannot be powered from the USB port. Do not use the same supply for more than one module.

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