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Mini Analog Joystick - 10K Potentiometers

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Sometimes a simple analog control device can be the perfect tactile solution for your project, but they can be surprisingly hard to come by. Luckily we've found a low cost, quality Mini Analog Joystick to fill you directional analog input needs!

Unlike most arcade-style joysticks which come with four clicking switches, this product has two 10KΩ potentiometers and a spring-back system. You can get a full 50 degrees in both X and Y directions. Connect one side of each potentiometer to ground, and the other side to a higher voltage and read the analog voltage off the middle. Great for robotics and other control interfaces. This joystick is durable and has a great feel to it. You could replace the springs if you want a stronger or weaker spring-back force.

    • Resistance Value: 10 Kohm
    • Resistance Tolerance: ±10%
    • Independent Linearity: ±1%
    • Temperature Coefficient Resistance: ±400ppm/°C
    • Output Smoothness: 0.5% max
    • X and Y Axis range: ±25°
    • Mechanical Lifecycle: 500,000 cycle
    • Operating Temperature Range: -10~80°C

    Product Dimensions: 67.4mm x 52.7mm x 52.7mm / 2.7" x 2.1" x 2.1"

    Product Weight: 55.9g / 2.0oz