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MONOCHRON KS0108 Graphic LCD - white on black

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A big, bold, beautiful, black LCD with white back-lit pixels. This LCD is the graphical upgrade to those popular 16x2 LCDs, but allows full graphical control. This LCD is used in the MONOCHRON kit, we had to custom order these to get the black color so they are more expensive than the more common blue & white ones.

Black background with 128 x 64 'monochrome' white pixels

Low power white LED back-light

The LCD is driven by on-board 5V parallel interface chipset KS0108 and KS0107. They are extremely common and well documented

Existing Arduino library over at the wiki use 'pin out B'

PCB is 93mmx70mm (~ 3.66" x 2.75") and the viewing area is 71mmx39mm (2.8" x 1.5")

Here is the 'actual' datasheet but you probably will want to refer to this one from Vishay which is pretty much identical and a lot easier to read

More photos & wiring guide coming soon, until then search google for more information on using ks0108 displays