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PoStep 25-32

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Stepper driver up to 2.5A/phase. works with 4,6 and 8 wire stepper motors.


The PoStep25-32 is a high performance, cost effective bipolar stepper motor driver. Firstly the driver incorporates an advanced architecture and surface mount technology. Secondly copper on the printed circuit board is 2 times thicker that in most Printed Circuit Boards. In conclusion PoStep25-32 has state of the art thermal design. Thick copper and aditional heatsink quarante the best thermal performance and low heating. Low footprint, high power density and robust design ia a key for reliable bipolar stepper motor driving. There are 4 microswitches on the PoStep25-32. Thus, fast and reliable settings for microsteps and decay. Moreover switching between mixed and fast decay and settings between full step an 32 microstep can be made.

Many bipolar stepper motor drivers are linear what is the reason for heating. However PoStep25-32 is a chopping bipolar stepper motor driver. Therefore it has much better energy efficiency and lower heating.

It can drive bipolar stepper motors at maximum 2,5A. Beside Nema17, also some Nema23 stepper motors can be driven.


  • 0.5 to 2.5 Amps Phase Current
  • Simple current setting with jumper
  • Compatible with 4, 6, and 8 wire bipolar stepper motors of any voltage
  • +10 VDC to +30 VDC Power Supply
  • 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 Micro-steps
  • Mixed decay mode thus smoother moving of motors
  • 3,3V and 5V logic compatible inputs
  • 250 KHz Max Step Rate
  • 0 °C To 70 °C Operating Temperature
  • LED Power, Error and Enable Indicator
  • Improved thermal managing
  • Small Size: 50 mm X 52 mm






PoStep25-32 User Manual.pdf


PoStep25-32 3D step model