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Robotis - OpenCM9.04-C

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  • OpenCM9.04 is an open-source controller that runs under 32bit ARM Cortex-M3.
  • The C version uses an exclusive 3PIN connector to control the ROBOTIS DYNAMIXEL XL-320.
  • Uses USB Cable (Micro-B) to download programs onto the board.
  • Users can choose between using the ROBOTIS RoboPlus software or ROBOTIS OpenCM IDE.
  • JTAG / SWD terminal can be used to run commercial developmental programs.

Package Contents

  • 1 x OpenCM9.04_C Controller
  • 2 x 1x20 PIN Header Socket
  • 2 x 1x20 BOX Header Socket
  • 1 x USB Downloader Cable (Micro-B)
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Hardware Specifications

  • CPU: STM32F103CB (ARM Cortex-M3)
  • Operating Voltage: 5V ~ 16V (USB 5V, DYNAMIXEL 7~12V)
  • Recommended Voltage:
    5V for USB, 7.4V for DYNAMIXEL XL series (LB-040 3.7V x 2)
    485 Expansion Board is recommended to control DYNAMIXELs requiring over 12V.
  • External I/O: 26
  • Timer: 8
  • Analog In(ADC): 10 (12bit)
  • Flash: 128 Kbytes
  • SRAM: 20 Kbytes
  • Clock: 72Mhz
  • USB: 1 (2.0 Full Speed)
  • CAN: 1
  • USART: 3
  • SPI: 2
  • I2C(TWI): 2
  • Debug: JTAG & SWD
  • TTL port (3Pin): 4 (XL-320 exclusive)
  • External Sensor(5 Pin): 4 (Compatible with ROBOTIS Sensors)
  • Size: 27 mm X 66.5 mm
  • Weight: 13g


  • OpenCM9.04-C has the same functions and performance as OpenCM9.04-B, but the 2 x TTL connectors for the AX series has been excluded in OpenCM9.04-C.
  • The OpenCM 485 Expansion Board, which supports TTL and RS-485, can be used to control all types of DYNAMIXEL's, such as AX, MX, and Pro series.
  • When using the OpenCM9.04-C to control the DYNAMIXEL, a separate power supply must be supplied to the DYNAMIXEL.
  • RoboPlus can be used when the board is connected to the PC via USB Downloader LN-101 or BT-210.
    (PC must have Bluetooth device for Bluetooth connection)
  • ROBOITS OpenCM IDE can be used only via Micro 5PIN USB Cable.
  • The RoboPlus and ROBOTIS OpenCM IDE CANNOT be used simultaneously.
  • The firmware must be changed depending on the software to be used.
    (Please refer to the e-Manual for changing the firmware)