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XBee DTE Serial Board

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This is a DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) serial module, it means you can connect this device to any DCE (Data Communication Equipment) such as Modems or any DCE device equipped with a female DB9 connector. Using our 990.002 USB XBee Board on a PC and this module on the device, you can easily transform every serial cable in a wireless connection with a maximum speed of 115K Baud and a distance of up to 1.2Km. You can use any of the Series1 or Series2 XBee modules and make a reliable and fast serial network in minutes. Three useful LED’s show the TX activity of the Board and the signal strenght (RSSI) the third LED show the associated status. You can change the function of some LED in the XBee EEProm. The feature connector is useful to program the XBee or for powering external 3.3V devices. You can also use this module as serial level converter for 3.3V TTL signals.


DB9 connections

Sample Application



Datasheet (150KB)