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BOT115 - PICAXE Create Starter Pack

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The PICAXE Create System is based around a PICAXE-18M2 Motherboard and various input/output modules which connect to the motherboard using patented 'micro-bric' connectors. These connectors, tightened and loosened with the supplied Allen key, are used to connect the various input/output modules to the 13 available motherboard connectors. When the bolts are tightened the plastic brics create both a strong mechanical and electrical joint, so that various circuit configurations can easily be built and adjusted by just swapping modules around - no soldering required to reconfigure the system!

Once the input/output modules have been configured as desired the motherboard can be programmed via any software that supports the PICAXE system such as Programming Editor or Logicator.

The starter pack contains:

  • PICAXE-18M2 Motherboard
  • Microbric connectors and Allen Key
  • Touch sensor input
  • Push switch input
  • Slide switch input
  • DS18B20 Temperature Sensor input
  • LDR input
  • Infra-red Input
  • Terminal block generic connector
  • Infrared output
  • Piezo output
  • LED output
  • Darlington transistor output (eg for buzzer)
  • L293D reversible motor driver output
  • Servo Output connector (purchase GBX013 servo separately)
  • SRF005 Ultrasonic Range Finder connector (purchase SRF005 separately)
  • Serial LCD connector (purchase AXE133 Serial LCD or AXE133Y Serial OLED separately)

The motherboard is supplied fully assembled, the input/output modules require soldering before first use. Once initially assembled (by the teacher) the students do not need to do any soldering to assemble, disassemble or reconfigure the system - all changes are made using the supplied Allen key.

All modules are also fully compatible with the BOT120 Microrobot, which uses the same microbric connectors. Naturally input/output modules can also be shared between multiple systems.

Fore more details about the PICAXE Create system please see the PICAXE Create information page.