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0.4mm Heat Resistant Welding Wire (Red)

by DFRobot
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Composed of seven 0.08mm silver-plated copper wires, this kind of welding cable with 0.4mm outer diameter offers high temperature, corrosion and moisture resistant properties. It can withstand a temperature of -60°C~250°C and each roll is 50m. Besides, the cable has different colors to allow you to select. These wires are good for scenarios like circuit board flying wires, jumper welding, wearable device, and so on.


  • Heat Resistance Range: -60°C~250°C
  • Outer Diameter: 0.4mm
  • Conductor: seven 0.08mm silver-plated copper wires
  • Insulation Rubber Cover: PFA
  • Color: red
  • Length: 50m


  • 0.4mm Heat Resistant Welding Wire (Red) x1