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12V - 170RPM Gearmotor with encoder

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The EGM30 (encoder, motor, gearbox 30:1) is a 12v motor fully equipped with encoders and a 30:1 reduction gearbox. It is ideal for small or medium robotic applications, providing cost effective drive and feedback for the user. It also includes a standard noise suppression capacitor across the motor windings.



The EGM30 is supplied with a 6 way JST connector (part no PHR-6) at the end of approx. 90mm of cable as standard.
The connections are:

Wire colour Connection
Purple (1) Hall Sensor B Vout
Blue (2) Hall sensor A Vout
Green (3) Hall sensor ground
Brown (4) Hall sensor Vcc
Red (5) + Motor
Black (6) - Engine

note that pull up resistors (we used 4k7) are required on the hall sensor outputs, and wires are the colors from the actual cable.


Rated voltage 12v
Rated torque 1.5kg/cm
Rated speed 170rpm
Rated current 530mA
No load speed 216
No load current 150mA
Stall Current 2.5A
Rated output 4.22W
Encoder counts for output shaft turn 360