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MuIn dsNav

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MuIn dsNav is a versatile board based on Microchip dsPIC33FJ motor controller family . Those DSCs, thanks to their unique features, are capable of driving two motors in a closed loop control through aid of two high resolution encoders and current sensing.

990.011 MuIN dsNAV can be used as a development board for new projects or as a full working navigation board with odometry, dead reckoning and field mapping , using the software available both as source code or HEX file. Muin dsNav is based on the open source project by Guido Ottaviani as an evolution of original award winning , dsPIC30F based, board:

More details about the theory on which dsNAV is based and an example on how to use this board as the hearth of an autonomous robotic platform, can be found at URL: and in articles published on Circuit Cellar Magazine #224 (March 2009), #225 (April 2009) and #236 (March 2010).
The board is equipped with one of the most powerful Microchip Digital Signal Controller, a plenty of operating RAM and flash program space: dsPIC33FJ128MC802 (but can be replaced with other compatible DSP).

Technical specifications
  • DSC : dsPic33FJ128MC802, 16 bit Digital Signal Controller with DSP core
  • Power supply :6-12V
  • Current consumption : about 250 mA (typical, encoders included)
  • Encoders power supply: 3.3V or 5V (selectable)
  • Encoders input: TTL and CMOS 3.3V compatible
  • Current sensing amplification: 10x or 1x (selectable)
Main features:
  • TTL and CMOS compatible inputs
  • Encoder inputs compatible with open drain type
  • Amplified current sensing input
  • Double TTL serial interface, one of them RS485 compatible
  • XBee ready
  • 2 LEDs to monitor Xbee operations
  • 2 LEDs available for system operation monitoring
  • On board voltage regulators
  • ICSP connector
  • Open Source Code for firmware
  • Open Source Code for Graphical Interface available on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows operating systems

Connection example:

The board comes with a preloaded bootloader. Available firmware and the free GUI are just for demonstration purposes, we do not give any warranty. For more information please refer to Datasheet and Operating manual

More info at website.