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Sewable LED Ribbon - 1m, 25 LEDs (Green)

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Sewable LED Ribbon is quite possibly one of the easiest ways to incorporate simple illumination and color effects into your next e-textiles project! Each strand of this ribbon is a meter long with 25 small green LEDs. These LED ribbons are highly flexible, foldable, and can even make knots. Traditional LED strips, the LEDs in these ribbons have 360 ​​degrees of luminosity, so you can see them no matter how they are positioned or sewn!

Attaching the ribbon is easy; the sewable tabs on each ribbon allow for a ¼" area that can be sewn down onto clothing, accessories and more. Attaching power to the ribbon is also easy; just strip the protective sleeve below the fabric and connect the exposed leads to power. LED ribbon requires an input voltage of 4.5V with a maximum current of 250mA.