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Sumovore MiniSumo Robot Kit

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The Solarbotics Sumovore Kit is a strong, modular design with over 500 man-hours of development and 21 prototypes behind it. It has more power, speed, and is less expensive than the Junun Mark III, Parallax Mini-Sumo, and Tab SumoBot.

This kit features:

  • Powerful GM8 gear motors powered by a robust L293D motor driver
  • Four opto-reflector edge sensors (fifth edge sensor position available when using microprocessor brainboard)
  • Two 38kHz IR emitters and detectors for opponent detection
  • 6AA power supply
  • Modular brain boards (discrete brainboards included, BS2 / Atmel / Stamp Stack brainboards extra)
    • Discrete brainboard "Anti Sumo-dance" behavior (stops two sumos from spinning around each other)
    • Discrete brainboard "Anti edge-ram" behavior (stops dual edge triggers resulting in repeated edge-charging)
    • Discrete brainboard offers selectable sumo/line-follower modes
    • Multiple trimpots for simple behavior tuning
  • Modular front edge sensor / IR transmitter daughterboard
  • 345 grams "batteries-in" finished weight (6 x AA batteries not included)
  • Powder-coated front Steel (not Aluminum) plates available in several colours
  • Multiple wheel colors available
  • 32-page detailed instruction document also contains full electronic schematics, both logical and symbolic for custom modifications

Extra options include:

  • Rear-looking IR detector and emitter - great for active or passive searching
  • Atmel Mega8L brainboard with additional breadboard space
  • PIC 16F877 brainboard with additional breadboard space
  • BS2 brainboard to accommodate 24-pin BS2-compatible family of microprocessors (BS2 not included)
  • HVWTech Stamp-Stack Basic Stamp 2 clone board (mates with BS2 brainboard)

User Manual (7.5Mb) PDF