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Wireless VINT Hub

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The Wireless VINT Hub is the easiest way to use Phidgets in locations far away from a computer. As long as there's a local WiFi signal and a nearby power outlet, this hub will make any attached Phidgets accessible to computers on the network without having to worry about using long cables. You can also wire it directly into your modem or network switch using an ethernet cable.

Six Versatile I/O Ports

With a Wireless VINT Hub, you can connect Phidgets and make them available on your local network. Each VINT port can perform one of four roles:

  • connect to a VINT Device
  • read at 0-5V Voltage or ratiometric sensor
  • act as a digital output
  • act as a digital input

Each port has a power and ground pin, so you can also use the ports to gain access to the USB voltage supply directly.

Plug in one of our many VINT-enabled Phidgets that perform a wide variety of functions. Control motors and LEDs, measure temperature or motion, or build a large scale system with many inputs and outputs.

Easy to Use

VINT Devices are 'plug and program': automatically discovered by the Phidget API with the same ease of programming you've come to expect from Phidgets. Each VINT device has a full API with functions and events to make programming a snap. See the API tab for more information.

Analog Sensor Compatible

Sometimes, you just need a few simple analog voltage sensors. Luckily, your collection of Phidget Analog Input sensors is not obsolete; each port on the Wireless VINT Hub can interface a 0-5V sensor. The VINT Port is backwards compatible with both ratiometric and non-ratiometric Phidget analog sensors.

Digital I/O Mode

In digital output mode, a VINT port can be used to drive LEDs, relays, digital circuits, and other simple electronics. Each port is PWM-enabled, allowing you to dim LEDs to a specific brightness.

Wire a switch or sensor contact directly into a VINT Port, and use the Digital Input mode to read the state of the switch.

If you need more than six inputs or outputs, you can expand by attaching a VINT I/O module. For example, there are VINT digital output modules with 16 outputs, allowing 96 digital outputs on a single hub!

Product Specifications

Controlled By Local Network (Ethernet or Wi-Fi)
Number of VINT Ports 6
Electrical Properties
USB Voltage Min 4.5V DC
USB Voltage Max 5.3V DC
USBSpeed High Speed
Current Consumption Min 32.5 mA
Available External Current 600 mA
Supply Voltage Min 8V DC
Supply Voltage Max 30V DC
Voltage Inputs
Number of Voltage Inputs 6 (Shared)
Voltage Input Resolution * 16 bits
Sensor Input Impedance 324 kΩ
Input Voltage Min (DC) 0V DC
Input Voltage Max (DC) 5V DC
Voltage Input Noise ** 1 mV DC
Sampling Interval Max 60s/sample
Sampling Interval Min 1 ms/sample
Digital Inputs
Pull-up Resistance 124 kΩ
Low Voltage Max (True) 1V DC
High Voltage Min (False) 1.8V DC
Low Voltage Trigger Length Min 3 ms
High Voltage Trigger Length Min 3 ms
Digital Input Voltage Max 5.5V DC
Digital Input Type Switch (Active Low)
Number of Digital Inputs 6 (Shared)
Digital Outputs
Series Resistance 510 Ω
Digital Output Available Current 8.1 mA
Digital Output Voltage Min 0V DC
Digital Output Voltage Max 3.3V DC
PWM Frequency Max 50kHz
PWM Resolution 0.8%
Number of Digital Outputs 6 (Shared)
Physical Properties
Operating Temperature Min -40°C
Operating Temperature Max 85°C

* - Voltage measured with a 10-bit ADC, oversampled to 16-bits.

** - Typical noise varies from 600uV to 10mV depending on selected data interval.